LOP Piranhas Swim Team

SFSL Champions 1998 - 2011

Who Needs to Volunteer?  As a competitive/recreational swim team, we participate in weekly swim meets.  Swim meets are run solely by volunteers.  There are no hired officials or paid volunteers, just average moms and dads spending a Saturday with their kids.  It is incumbent upon each and every family to perform a minimum level of volunteer duties.


Standard Requirement:  Each family is required to work a total of four (4) volunteer shifts per regular swim season, and one(1) shift at Champs.

Volunteer Positions:  There are a variety of volunteer positions available (see complete list below) that can accommodate just about every need and ability (don?t worry if you are not a swimming expert!).  Volunteer positions, time and dates are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis at the annual Registration Event.  If you cannot make this event, you will still be allowed to sign up for volunteer hours, but will be limited to the available remaining positions.

Records the swimmer's time for each event.  You will be shown how to use a stopwatch, how to read/cord the time and how to yell "BACKUP" in case of a watch failure or malfunction. 
Backup Timer
Duties are the same as a timer.  This time will be used in the event of a technical problem.
Ribbon Writer
Works in computer room putting labels on ribbons.  Take a break when your child is swimming!
Water Runner
Distributes water to all volunteers at the meet.  Volunteers love you.
Time Slip Runner
Collects the time slips from the Timers and Finish Line Judge.  Brings them to the computer room.
 Snack Bar Workers
 Easy - Moderate
Servers - Organize, restock, assist with sales of snack bar items including hot food.
Register - Responsible for handling money, calculating orders and giving change.
BBQ Cook - Hottest job around the pool!  Must be clean and have some experience in cooking large volumes of hamburgers and hot dogs.
Organizes swimmers so they are ready before their event. Swimmers report to the staging area when their event is announced. Stagers get the swimmers  organized by lane into the proper order for their events and heats. The job is critical in making the swim meet run smoothly and on time. 
 Data Entry
Works in computer room organizing time slips and assisting the computer person input times. Take a break when your child is swimming!
Stroke and Turn Judge
This is an official position.  Must have completed required training.