Swim Meet Volunteer Positions (swim season only)




 Baby Pool Attendant


Polices the splash pool.  No swim team kids allowed.  No one over 5 years old allowed.  No roughhousing, horseplay or sandy feet.

 Backup Timer


Duties are the same as a timer.  This time will be used in the event of a technical problem. 

 Backup Volunteer


Duties can/will vary, depending on need.  "Floater" position that can fill-in for most easy-moderate positions. 

 Computer Data Entry


Works in computer room organizing time slips and assisting the computer person input times. Take a break when your child is swimming!

 Finish Line Judge


Records which lane came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc   Serves as a "tiebreaker" in case times are exactly the same.

 Promotion Sales


Sells team gear and accessories.  This includes tee shirts, sweatshirts, tattoos, caps, goggles and other promotional items at the home meets. 
Gives out the "#1 in the heat" prizes for the kids get when they come in first (home meets only).

 Ribbon Writer


Works in computer room putting labels on ribbons.  Take a break when your child is swimming!

 Setup and Cleanup


Setup/Clean-up the Event Area: tables, chairs, EZ Ups, trash cans, pick up trash etc... Help Meet Manager with PA and Starting System.
Setup/Clean-up Snack Bar Area:  tables, chairs, ice, snacks, drinks, condiments, napkins, plastic ware, EZ Up, trash cans etc..

 Snack Bar Workers

Easy - Moderate

Servers - Organize, restock, assist with sales of snack bar items including hot food.
Register - Responsible for handling money, calculating orders and giving change.
BBQ Cook - Hottest job around the pool!  Must be clean and have some experience in cooking large volumes of hamburgers and hot dogs.



Organizes swimmers so they are ready before their event. Swimmers report to the staging area when their event is announced. Stagers get the swimmers  organized by lane into the proper order for their events and heats. The job is critical in making the swim meet run smoothly and on time. 

 Stroke & Turn Judge


This is an official position.  Must have completed required training.

 Time Slip Runner


Collects the time slips from the Timers and Finish Line Judge.  Brings them to the computer room.



Records the swimmer's time for each event.  You will be shown how to use a stopwatch, how to read/cord the time and how to yell "BACKUP" in case of a watch failure or malfunction. 

 Water Runner


Distributes water to all volunteers at the meet.  Volunteers love you.


Administrative / Board Volunteer Positions (year-round)


Position Description



The President shall be responsible for general supervision of the affairs of the Team. The President shall represent the Piranhas at Sierra Swim League Meetings and communicate results of these meetings to the Piranha membership. The President shall preside at all meetings and shall sign all written contracts and obligations of the Piranhas, with the concurrence of the Treasurer on financial obligations. The President shall obtain a legal review of all major contracts for which the Piranhas could incur significant liability. The President shall report the status of Piranha affairs to the Piranha membership as required. 

The President may recommend the establishment, disestablishment, restructuring or continuance of Committees to the Board of Directors for approval. The President shall appoint Committee Chairs and has general supervision over all Committees. The President shall serve as liaison to other LOP organizations. The President shall promote and improve the quality of all activities. In the absence of the President, or in the case where the President cannot complete his/her term, the duties shall devolve to the Vice President, or as voted upon by the Board of Directors


Vice President

The Vice-President shall assist and support the President in all activities during the year and act in the Presidents behalf when absent. The Vice-President is responsible for swim team equipment and its proper storage and replacement. The Vice-President oversees the stroke and turn volunteers and their training. The Vice-President shall support swim meet activities as needed.



The Secretary shall have charge of the correspondence and records of the Piranhas. The Secretary shall: (a) give timely notices of all meetings to all members; and (b) record the proceedings of all Board and membership meetings. The President may appoint an Assistant Secretary to assist the Secretary with the duties of the office and to act as the Secretary during the Secretary's absence.

The Secretary will book all facilities for Piranha swim meets, meetings, and parties. The Secretary will complete necessary forms for facility set-up at each Piranha event and check the set-up prior to event commencement. The Secretary shall regularly check home meet bathrooms during events for maintenance and supplies. The Secretary is responsible for home meet programs, their information, printing, and distribution. The Secretary will notify LOP Security of opposing team and non-resident Piranha entry. The Secretary shall obtain and organize year-end trophies with the assistance of the Coach.



The Treasurer shall be comptroller of the accounts of the Piranhas under the direction of the President. The Treasurer shall: (a) make collections and disbursements under the supervision of the President as directed by the Piranhas; and (b) render monthly and annual reports when called for by the President. The President may appoint an Assistant Treasurer to assist the Treasurer with the duties of the office and to act as the Treasurer during the Treasurerís absence.

The Treasurer shall compile and keep the roster of Piranha members. The Treasurer will ensure sufficient change is available for all event sales.


Volunteer Coordinators (2)

The Volunteer Coordinator shall create volunteer sign-up requirements and post and fill all vacancies. He/she will contact volunteers prior to each meet to ensure compliance and attendance, communicate duties the day of same meet, provide necessary volunteer equipment, and oversee shift changes. The Volunteer Coordinator shall bring necessary equipment to away meets for Piranha volunteers. He/she will work with the Vice-President to train stroke and turn volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator may appoint up to two Assistant Volunteer Coordinators to assist with the duties of the office and may appoint one Assistant to act as the primary Volunteer Coordinator during an absence.


Food Coordinators (2):

The Food Coordinator will plan the menu for all events having food, snacks, and beverage. He/she is responsible for inventory, purchase, storage, and transportation of all food related items. The Food Coordinator shall coordinate the retrieval of ice with the LOP Food and Beverage Manager at least one week prior ice removal. The Food Coordinator shall oversee food volunteers at events and their shift changes. He/she will ensure that swim practice snack volunteers complete all duties. The Food Coordinator is responsible for all trash pick-up, will periodically empty full trash containers at home swim meets, and ensure trash containers are secured to avoid blowing of trash during and after swim meets. The Food Coordinator may appoint an Assistant Food Coordinator to assist with the duties of the office and to act as the primary Food Coordinator during an absence.


Promotions Coordinator

The Promotions Coordinator will initiate and create all fundraising programs and provide adequate advertising to sell or promote each undertaking. He/she will report fundraising requirements to the Board, working with the Treasurer on anticipated expenditures and income. He/she will manage promotion inventories, ordering, and storage.

The Promotions Coordinator oversees all swim season advertisement using LOP available communications. He/she will coordinate LOP televised broadcasts of swim events. He/she shall report swim team results to the community via LOP available communications. The Promotions Coordinator will organize team photo shoots, selecting and hiring the photographer, and distributing purchased pictures. The Promotions Coordinator may appoint an Assistant Promotions Coordinator to assist with the duties of the office and to act as the primary Promotions Coordinator during an absence.


Technology Coordinator

Oversees the technology needs such as innovation/automation of manual processes and the Piranha web site. He/she will keep the Piranha web site current with meet information, meet results, and photos. The Technology Coordinator will support office automation products used on the Piranha web site and by the Data Entry Coordinator including email, word processing, spreadsheets and databases. 


Data Entry Coordinator:

Transport computer equipment to each home meet and designated SFSL Championship meets, and oversee input volunteers. He/she will manage the team roster and support meet seeding with the Head Coach. The Data Entry Coordinator will print lane slips, analyze meet results and post results. He/she will keep team and league records current and available for the Head Coach. He/she is responsible for ribbon inventory, ordering, weekly distribution and storage. 


Head Coach:

The Head Coach will provide beneficial motivational instruction and encouragement to the swim team. The Coach will instruct members at each practice or provide a qualified replacement if absent. The Coach shall not miss more than 10% of the Piranha team practice sessions. The Coach shall work with the Piranhas Secretary to reserve pool time and promptly inform the Secretary of any schedule changes. 

The Head Coach may enlist support from Assistant Coaches to provide quality instruction for a portion of the team. Assistant Coaches may be selected by the Head Coach without Board approval. The Head Coach is responsible for all coaching actions undertaken by his/her Assistants and/or replacements. 


Meet Manager

Set up and break down sound system with help of VP and meet volunteers.  Announcer and starter for home meets and time trials. Ensures meets are run in an efficient and timely manner.